ZZ FTP Server for Android

ZZ FTP Server
  1. ZZ FTP Server encoding file names with "UTF-8". you'd better use a FTP client support "UTF-8" encoding. however, you can set the encoding to GBK, BIG5 and so on. with Mac OSX, you can use the system "Finder" App, on the main menu, click "goto -> connect to server" and input the Ftp URL. However, "Finder" app on Mac OSX can only download files from FTP server, so you have to use third party FTP client such as FileZilla if you want upload files. For Windows user, windows file explorer do not always encoding file names with "UTF-8", so third party FTP client such as FileZilla is recommended.
  2. ZZ FTP Server does not require root permission, however, if your android device has been rooted, you can grant the App with root permission, then log in the FTP server with root user. because edit the system files is dangerous, we recommend you do not use the root user. Without root permission, you can log in the FTP Server with normal FTP user to access files on your sd cards.

  3. The app has been tested on android 5.1
Worked on Andorid 4.0.3 or above
Lastest version: 1.1.2